Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dow Jones Webinar on Financial Markets: The Basics

This webinar is not for sophisticated investors. However, it is a nice introduction for beginners who want to learn about financial markets. The webinar is over, but you can register to listen to the presentation and download a nice set of accompanying slides. This is recommended for the first class on financial markets. The presentation lasts about 1 hour.

The effects of the global economic crisis clearly demonstrate that everyone needs a basic understanding of how financial markets operate. The Dow Jones InfoPro Alliance Team is pleased to bring you this timely webinar, Financial Markets: The Basics, which presents the key concepts of how the world financial systems operate. During this webinar, presented by John Prestbo, Executive Director and Editor of Dow Jones Indexes, and professor extraordinaire of the former Dow Jones University, you will be given a broad overview of the financial markets and how they operate. Mr. Prestbo will explain market theory and define terms, from stock ownership and bond-holding, to mutual funds and commodities.

Attend this year-end webinar and expand your financial market vocabulary. Increase your value and contribution to your organization by gaining a fundamental knowledge of various types of financial instruments and regulatory bodies that will help you research, extract, and decipher market-moving and economic news.

Financial Markets: The Basics

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