Friday, March 19, 2010

Live Longer, Work Longer

Source: EBRI

Employment Status of Workers Ages 55 or Older, 1987-2008’ and ‘Tracking Health Insurance Coverage by Month: Trends in Employment-Based Coverage Among Workers, and Access to Coverage Among Uninsured Workers’

March 2010, Vol. 31, No. 3
Paperback, 16 pp.
PDF, 930 kb
Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2010

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Executive Summary

Employment Status of Workers Ages 55 or Older, 1987-2008

OLDER WORKERS STAYING IN THE WORK FORCE LONGER: A growing percentage of older Americans are in the labor force: The percentage of those ages 55 or older in the labor force increased from 29.4 percent in 1993 to 39.4 percent in 2008. For those ages 65–69, the percentage increased from 18.4 percent in 1985 to 30.7 percent in 2006. These trends mark a significant change in behavior for individuals in these age groups, and are likely driven by their need to obtain affordable employment-based health insurance and to accumulate retirement savings.

MORE PART-TIME WORK: While older workers working full time, full year increased steadily from 1993–2007, that trend ended with the recession year of 2008. While members of the older population were more likely to work in 2008, they were less likely to be working full time, full year in 2008 after consistent increases through 2007.



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