Thursday, August 6, 2009

Working Families With Children Are Most Likely to Have Health Insurance Coverage

The Employee Benefit Research Institute surveys employer provided health coverage. The latest report, Health Insurance Coverage of Individuals Ages 55–64,1994–2007, indicates that adults ages 55–64 and families with children were most likely to have health insurance coverage in 2007. As usual, young adults are in the group least likely to have coverage.

MOST LIKELY TO HAVE COVERAGE: EBRI estimates from the latest Current Population Survey data show adults ages 55–64 were one of two groups—the other was children—most likely to have health insurance coverage in 2007. That year, 12 percent of adults ages 55–64 were uninsured, compared with about 32 percent of adults ages 21–24, 26 percent of those ages 25–34, and 23.5 percent of all younger adults. There were 4 million adults ages 55–64 without health insurance in 2007, accounting for 9 percent of the 45 million individuals under age 65 who were uninsured.

The report also points out that those in the 55-64 age group are most likely to suffer from cutbacks in employer provided health care, especially health care that was voluntarily afforded retirees. This may delay the retirement of workers in this age group.

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